Mogli e buoi (Wives and cows)

Italians have it quite clear: a man who wants to be happy should buy wife and cows at his village’s local market. There is an old proverb, “Mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi“, stating this principle as a warning for those venturing in dangerous trades far from home. That is to say: stay safe, get what you know.

Global, local.

Donno about wives, but for sure people tend now-a-day to buy local products. It’s kinda trendy. In Sweden, närproducerad mat sells quite well, and definitively for higher prices. In Flanders, people buy fruit and vegetables at Saturday’s markets, loving to believe that the products are sold by local farmers. And top class restaurants in the US proudly serve just dishes composed by seasonal local ingredients.

Now, you may provide me all the good reasons you have about local products. Truth is, it is just the fashion of the moment. There have been times when exotic was the magic word. Then global. Now it is local. I wonder what will come tomorrow. Still I find exhilarating to see people (evidently with short memory) stating that no, local is good, and not just the effect of good marketing.

A närproducerad spouse

My grandma, a lovely 80+ years old lady, always asks me — with some concern and little understanding — “what is this need you have, to travel all the time?” Imagine if Columbus would have listened to his nonna, I usually answer. I am afraid to say, my grandma does not even see a need for America. But this is another story!

What I want to say is that there will always be someone believing you should stay at home, buy local stuff (have you noticed how many Fiat they sell in Italy, how many Renault and Pegeaut in France, Volvo in Sweden, and so on?), and eventually get a närproducerad spouse.

It sounds safe, but gosh!

Genetically, it does more harm than good. I mean, to get a local husband or wife. Then, I should say, it may be quite boring. My own conservative (and sweet) grandma married a guy born in a far away city. The fact is that if someone comes from the same place where you are from, and shared the same experiences, knows the same people, it may be quite possible that you already know what s/he thinks, how s/he does it, and what s/he will say next.

Yes, it sounds safe. But gosh!, what is a life with no challenge, no surprise, no continuous change of focus?

Lana Del Rey

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is the sexiest singer and songwriter on the musical scene, now. Her music is what you don’t expect. At least what I did not expect, looking at her pictures. In someway, she reminds me of Bella. You would never be able to imagine what is coming next. Never. I leave mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi to those who still want them. On my side, I love the adventure of my life.

One response to “Mogli e buoi (Wives and cows)

  1. They retouched the photo at the window with transparent curtains… In the last photo Lana’s legs are much more “human”. 😉

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