When I see

I love taking pictures. Mostly of people. Sometimes I cruise the city, to capture some interesting face, expression, smile. I love to see how people dress up, how they walk, I study their movements and interactions. From time to time I would like to stop them, to talk, to ask if the life I imagine for them is actually the same they are living. I have been taking pictures of people in the streets of Tokyo and Buenos Aires, downtown Seattle and on the Red Square in Moscow. I enjoy mostly multicultural cities as Antwerp, and multicolor metropolis as Mexico City.

However, it is when I see pictures like these amazing shoots by kiwi photographer Stephen Tilley that I realize how engaging may be to take portraits of someone actually posing for you. People on the street have their rainbow of emotions, and you are just there stealing those feelings from their minds. On the contrary, when taking pictures of a model, there is no innocence: it is up to the photographer to create a story, to construct an emotion, to unveil a mystery.

These amazing portraits

The model in these pictures is beautiful Australian-born Laura-Jade Alexander-Breton (see a video interview to Laura-Jade, at the bottom of this post), make up by Aimee Graham, styling by Courtney Sanders. The original pictures were published on “1015” C-Heads Summer Issue #29.

Like these pictures

Like these pictures? You will love Richard Kern, Marc Lagrange and Terry Richardson.

And here there is a short video-interview to Laura-Jade “LJ” Alexander-Breton.

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