Siberian prison

Remember the Pussy Riot? Few days ago, I read that Maria Alyokhina has been transferred to a prison camp in Siberia. So, I got somehow curious. How is it a prison in Siberia, now-a-day? These pictures were taken in 2011 (just one year ago) by Russian photographer Max Avdeev. And yes, this is actually the Correctional Facility n. 32 for female convicts, located in Perm, Siberia, where Masha Alyokhina is now detained.

Well, it does not look so bad, doesn’t it? They have cozy rooms and even some class with modern computers. Primary schools in South Italy looks much worse. However, is it really so? How would have changed your image of this prison, if I would have not posted the photos of the computer room? And the idea you were getting would have been very different, if I was going to blog just the pictures of the convicts freezing outside in the snow!

How do we know

In the same way, how do we know what this place really looks like? Maybe the director of the institute just staged a nice environment for the sake of the photographer, renting some PCs, and giving new clothes to the inmates. Just for the day. It would have not been the first time. Nazi did the same staging a happy concentration camp in Theresienstadt, and successfully fooled the Danish delegation of the Red Cross.

So, take these photos for what they are. Nice pictures, of a female prison in Siberia, where Pussy Riot Msha Alyokhina is now imprisoned. And if you want to see more, here is the Flickr portfolio of Max Avdeev:

Free Pussy Riot

More photos of the Pussy Riot in court are here. The Incredible Tide supports the international movement asking the release of Maria AlyokhinaNadezhda Tolokonnikova and Ekaterina Samutsevitch, and expresses its solidarity to these three young and brave women.

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