Why do I do it?

Honestly, why do I do it?

These are the best years of our lives, we are young and would love to spend time together. We could enjoy every night talking, or just sitting on the sofa, side by side. We could have lunch together, and take long walks in the afternoon. Maybe we could also have a child, and be happy with what we have.

Any respectable hobbit

I guess it is not just my lovely 83-year-old grandma who cannot understand my life. According to nonna, honest and respectable people should live where they belong, enjoy whatever they have, travel as less as possible: that is somehow what any well-mannered hobbit would call a decent existence.

A single day away from her

The biggest misconception is that I do it for money. Not sure where my salary gets on the income ladder. And I will not discuss it further. But if someone really believes Bella and I would live in two different countries for a couple of thousand euros more a month, did not understand much. There is no amount of money worth a single day away from her.

And no, I will not sell you the story of my love for science, nor any devotion to public service. Yes, it is true that I enjoy physics. It is also true that I value the social impact of my professional activity. I was proud of working for this institution even before the prestigious recognition of the Nobel Committee, but this is not enough.

Sailing the Ocean

I think about my dearest friends B. & L., who just had a wonderful daughter. And still live two hours of airplane away one from the other. And my colleague T. and his brilliant girlfriend M. who lives three countries apart. For the sake of what do they renounce to share moments of their everyday life?

The fact is, this is the same than to ask to Columbus why he sailed the Ocean. The nostalgia of a time never lived, or the call of a sea not yet explored. The hope of a better future, a brighter horizon maybe hiding beyond the strength of our sight.

The world as playground

I think it is the profound unhappiness that dwells in the heart of every human being. Some decide not to listen. Some others explore the space, climb mountains or get a PhD. Not sure what it is. But one thing I know: one day I want to have a daughter, and a son, and I want them to have the world as their playground. And yes, I want those guys to be proud of what Bella and I have done in our lives.

How I met your mother

Love the show. Who doesn’t? Poor my kids, I guess they will even get tired of hearing me and Bella telling them how we met in the laundry, and how then we moved to Japan, and more about our wonderful wedding! And then, one day they will grow up, and we will be sitting on the sofa, reading about their amazing life on some blog.

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