Everyone loves boobies

Why do we like boobs? And I am talking to both guys and girls! Not sure where it comes from, but yes, boobs are nice. And advertising companies know it quite well. Boobs help to sell. Anything. From the cover of a magazine, to the trailer of a movie, boobs are smiling at us in all shapes and shades.

However, there are some all time favorites. Large boobs are always more successful than small ones. Still, even Kate Middleton’s tiny titties had they share of popularity. And breast augmentation is quite a flourishing market, even in these times of economical crisis.

On the other hand, nice round boobs may help in finding a job! Isn’t it? There are some statistics, showing how the size of a female breast influences the holder ability to find employment. Of course, when the recruiter is a man — or a woman with an even larger breast. On the other hand, small boobied recruiters will never hire a woman with better qualities.

Sexist? Think twice.

No? You think this is sexist? Really? So, please, turn on the television, and tell me what you see. And not just Italian television. And before you blame the “society”, think twice: they show you, what you want to see.

I was reading this interesting study on desire and perceived desire. They asked to people what they would like to see in TV: most answered “more nature and animal life documentaries, and less stupid shows exploiting female bodies”. Then they cross-checked these statements with a survey on what actually people watch on TV, when given the possibility to choose. Needless to say, boobs were ways more interesting than lions mating.

Photo by Jo Schwab http://joschwab.tumblr.com/

Photo by Jo Schwab http://joschwab.tumblr.com/

They tend to be comfortable

Writing a blog, I have my personal statistics. Posts with boobs (here a popular one!) have hundreds of “readers” a day. Or rather of “watchers”. My posts about identity, education, gender and female rights tend to score less — but they usually spark debate among the readers (here a post without boobs!)

But I will not pretend to be a moralizer of human habits. At least not on the subject of boobs! I like those (not always) round devices nature gifted (most) women with. They tend to be smooth and comfortable, and I guess all my readers know it by themselves.

1000 girls, 2000 boobs

Did you see this video? It was made by a Russian supporter of Putin, during the last presidential elections. And it went soon viral (20.000.000 views!). How to touch the boobs of 1000 girls, in 20 minutes (well, no need to watch it all! it’s kinda repetitive, after a while!). And remember, do not try it at home!

More boobies

Since you are here, please enjoy.

Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss

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