Brez Meja

Josef Schulz Übergang 06

There is an expression in Slovenian I have always loved: brez meja — without borders. I remember growing up in a city defined by its borders. The abolished one with Italy, the new established one with the communist east. For several years, Trst was not connected to the Italian highway system, since it was considered indefensible in case of Yugoslavian (or even Soviet) invasion.

Days of borders

The close-by city of Gorica has been long divided by a wall, as the most famous Berlin one. I had a special passport — propusnica — which was giving the right to local residents to cross reserved borders with the Republic of Yugoslavia. I remember long lines on that border, to go abroad for refueling the gas tank. And a popular song (Finanziere!) describing those days of borders, custom controls and divided countries.

Today we live in a unified Europe. People might not remember how it was before. Life is much better now, whatever demagogic idea someone likes to nurse.


These pictures are part of a project by photographer Josef Schulz © titled Übergang: a collection of dismissed border and customs stations across Europe.

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