Tales of Unicorns and Virgin Marys

Kim Jon-un and the unicorn

Kim Jon-un and the unicorn

North Korean scientists just announced it, and the news was already spreading all over the world. A group of archeologists have found final evidence proving the existence of unicorns. Yes, unicorns, those animals Noah forgot to board on his famous Ark!

“North Koreans are so much influenced by years of propaganda — was writing a western journalist — that they cannot understand anymore the difference between real and imaginary world.”

Pope Benedict XVI worships the Virgin

Pope Benedict XVI worships the Virgin

Those stupid North Koreans

Oh, yes, those stupid North Koreans, how can they believe there is such a thing as a unicorn? Yet, we are all ready to celebrate Christmas, aren’t we? The birth of a god, son of himself (god is son of god, remember?), from a virgin mother, inseminated by a bird (still god, though) through the vision of an angel. Very reasonable! The guy will eventually die and resurrect, but I will leave this story for Easter.

So, before laughing at Kim Jon-un and his fellow citizens, think how stupid you are, not being able to tell the difference between the real world, and the imaginary one.

Don’t forget

Happy first week of Advent! May the joy of Christmas bring light in your lives! And this year, do not forget to place a small unicorn on the side of Jesus, in your nativity scene, under the Christmas tree!

pope jesus 2

pope jesus

Imaginary friends

In these pictures, Kim Jon-un and Pope Benedict, enjoying their time, with their imaginary friends.

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4 responses to “Tales of Unicorns and Virgin Marys

  1. I’ve been enjoying myself this evening, reading up on your little stories. And never am I disappointed. Keep up the good job, Ricki! 🙂

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