A girl I met on a train

Summer Glau Rajesh Koothrappali

It was a Friday afternoon. For some reason I decided to take the train, that day, to go from Trst — where I was living — to Gorica. One hour ride. Enough time to review the notes I took at the lecture, that very same morning.

Sam was sitting alone, the contrast of her black hair with her bright eyes, a book open in the hands, and a distracted look on her face. I immediately noticed how cute she was, while walking down the aisle. It was a sunny day, that Friday. And I was in a good mood. So, I just sat in front of her, and said “Hi, how are you?”

Noted in my agenda

Closing the book slowly, Sam looked at me and smiled: “Pretty fine, — she answered  — I love the Sun!” The conversation flowed easily: she was studying chemical engineering, I was studying physics. However, most of the time we talked about books, travels, dreams.

One hour later I was finally in Gorica: I did not study, as planned, during that short train ride. But I had an email address noted down in my agenda.

Summer Glau Leonard TBBT

Summer Glau on a train TBBT

I kinda liked her

In the next days we exchanged some messages, and eventually met for a date. I kinda liked Sam. She was much cuter than the average girl studying engineering, and had a wicked sense of humor. We had some dinner on the seaside, and some lunch at the university cafeteria.  Sam was living in Trst during the week, sharing an apartment with some other girls, and she was going back to her family — living in another city — every weekend.

The first time we kissed

I still remember the first time we kissed. We went to a concert with some friends of her, and everything happened when we were walking back to her place, around midnight. I also remember her first words, after that kiss. “I have to tell you the truth, now: I have a boyfriend back in my home town“.

We talked until dawn, we kissed again. “I am confused“, her last words, that morning.

Summer Glau Wolowitz TBBT

Summer Glau Howard Wolowitz TBBT

I want you both

The thing went on for another month or so. I knew by now why Sam was never calling me on Saturdays and Sundays. However, every Monday we were together again. “I am thinking, it is not easy” — she used to tell me. I did not insist much. But the time was going fast, and somehow I got in love: weekends were painful moments, for me. And finally I had to make the choice Sam was delaying.

“I want you both, do not ask me to choose
“So, then, delete my number, Sam. I do not want to suffer anymore.”
“Please don’t, I need you.”

I never called her again. I did not answer her calls.

I removed her number.

Summer Glau Howard Wolowitz

One year later

One year later, I received a phone call from a number I did not recognize. “Hi, it’s me, it’s Sam! How are you?” We talked for a while. “I left him, — she said after few minutes —  and I would like to meet. You are my dearest friend.

I just started to date another girl, at the time. She was maybe less cute than Sam, but actually this girl left her home-town-boyfriend, to be with me. “Sorry, Sam. I am not interested in seeing you again. Have a good life.”

And I closed the call.

Summer Glau TBBT

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Summer Glau and TBBT

I laughed so much during this episode of The Big Bang Theory. And somehow I wonder which impression I give when I start to talk to people on trains, buses, airplanes and even elevators. Just hope to be more Rajesh, and less Howard! The pictures in this post are taken from the clip below, when Leonard, Raj and Mr. Wolowitz try to hook up Summer Glau on a train. Needless to say, Sheldon did not approve.

A photo gallery of Summer Glau

Well, what a better occasion than this post, to collect a gallery of high resolution pictures of Summer Glau?

Summer Glau bikini beach

Summer Glau bikini

Summer Glau

Summer Glau t-shirt

Summer Glau panties

More photos of Summer Glau

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