Female Fighters of Kurdistan

Female Fighters of Kurdistan

Female Fighters of Kurdistan

When, several years ago, it came to serve in the army, I decided to do it as ambulance driver for the Red Cross. And I never shot a gun in all my life, if you exclude some toy rifle at the Luna Park. So I feel somehow uncomfortable to post anything promoting terrorist organizations and guerrilla.

Still this documentary by VICE is quite outstanding, in its genre. And it gives an interesting perspective on some organized fighters in the Kurdish region. Most of the times you just get propaganda: it is not the case, here.


The purpose of this post is purely informative. The blogger is making this documentary video and photo gallery available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, and social justice issues in Middle East, the Kurdish region and the rest of the world.

Watch the documentary

A Kurdish hero

If you have not done it yet, please take a minute to read the story of Fadime Sahindal, a Kurdish-Swedish girl who became a hero. Keep memory of Fadime, Sara Abed Ali, Pela Atroshi, Pela’s sister Breen, and all Kurdish girls fighting for their freedom, love and dignity without the use of weapons, but with the strength of their words and ideas.

Visit the website of Glöm äldrig Pela och Fadime (Never forget Pela and Fadime) http://gapf.se/ a Swedish organization working against honor related violence.

Kurdish girls: a photo gallery

There are not so many photo galleries, on the internet, dedicated to Kurdish girls. I have published some pictures on another post, and it turned out they were not actually Kurdish (see the link here). These controversial images of female fighters of Kurdistan were taken from Out of Focus (http://outoffocus.photoshelter.com/), an amazing photographic website. To see more pictures, visit their galleries!

Kurdish Female Fighters red kurdish female fighters Kurdish Girl Soldier Kurdish Girl Kurdish Traditional Dress Kurdish Woman Fighter Kurdish Woman Mountain Kurdish Woman Peshmerga Kurdistan Girl Guerilla Woman Kurdistan

Note: this post has been updated

The text of this post has been updated on December 27, 2012 @ 11:00. The purpose of the update has been to clarify the position of The Incredible Tide  about the issues here presented. Following a comment by a reader concerned about a possible supportive stand for the use of violence, I want to stress once more that I do not consider it acceptable.

The Incredible Tide is a blog exploring themes related to the role of women, gender equality, freedom and dignity. An armed group formed by a large component of female fighters represents something unique in the Middle East, and possibly in the world. Only Israel is an exception to this (see my posts on girls in the Israeli Defense Forces: one, two).

Any issue in the Middle East is an extremely complex one, and this blog is not a place to find solutions, but rather beautiful pictures (and sometimes some video) maybe able to raise awareness.

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