A pink elephant (you moron!)

pink elephant

The story goes like this. You walk down the street along with an acquaintance of yours, and there it comes. A horse, pulling a chariot. You give a distracted look at it, and keep going on your way. Then, the magic happens.

The person walking at your side suddenly stops, and with the same facial expression of a Buddha reaching the nirvana, s/he looks at you, and squirts. Well, maybe the guy does not really squirt, but when s/he cries out in excitement, the feeling is just the same: “Did you see that? — your companion is saying — That was a beautiful pink elephant! I knew it, I knew it! A pink elephant!”

This is a psychological test.

Now, this is a psychological test. Choose  your reaction, and I will tell you something about your intelligence. Please consider that the person at your side has no previous history of mental illness, did not assume alcohol nor drugs, and does not have any sense of humor. S/he is deadly serious.

Condensation trails.

Reaction one.

You keep walking on. Your acquaintance instead keeps crying loudly, overexcited: “You see, you see! I was right: pink elephants do exist! I told you, I told you!”.  While you keep walking on, and pretend nothing, the other is now laughing at you: “Ah! There it was, and now you have to shut up because you cannot answer anything, in front of such evidence!”

Still, you walk in silence, giving no attention to this annoying fool blathering at your side. You accept no provocation, let the moron enjoy the orgasm, promise to yourself never to take a walk again with this person.

Reaction two.

You stop, look back, pass a hand in front of your eyes, and shout out: “Wow! Yes you are right! What a beautiful pink elephant.” Now, it is your companion who is looking at you in disbelief.  So, you dare more, and continue “Yes, and what about the flying green donkey up there? And the little blue men running around us?”

For a moment, you get the attention of the guy, but soon s/he catches the glimpse of a smile in your eyes. Surprisingly enough, your acquaintance understands you are fooling her/him around.  So now, s/he is telling you that you are (you are!) a douchebag and an asshole, that the pink elephant was really there, and that your sarcasm is out of place.

At this point, you start to run as fast as you can, never looking back, and hoping to never see that person again.

No Condensation Trails

Reaction three.

You look distractedly at the horse and its chariot, and say “Come on, it’s a horse, and it is not even pink!“. Your acquaintance, stops a second, and then tells you: “Oh, no, a friend of mine told me that s/he also saw a pink alligator, once.”

“Whatever you say, but that, that is a horse. And it is black.”

“This is just your opinion, I read on internet that elephants can fly.”

“Still that is a horse.”

“No, because the government is controlling us, and the men never reached the moon.”

“How does this have anything to do with the horse, and the elephant?”

“They are poisoning us with the chem-trails! And the elephant was pink!”

“You talk nonsense!”

“Oh, just because I do not agree with you? Who do you think you are? Maybe you studied at university or think to be more intelligent than we normal people! But you have no exclusive understanding of the reality, and an intelligent person would accept a different point of view. So, maybe we can agree that that was a pink horse, or a black elephant. As you please. Let’s reach a compromise, if you are smart as you say!”

Fuck you!


If you have chosen the first possible answer, you are smarter than I am. Have it for granted. I always fall in the trap, and I start to discuss with idiots. I should learn the lesson.

If you have chosen the second possible scenario, well, that is my favorite game.

Still, I end up often in the third case. I answer, I try to reason. And I end up being treated like a close-minded asshole, who is not able to accept different points of view. (Just for the sake of understanding one the other: to say that “a black horse is a pink elephant” it is not a different opinion. It is called schizophrenia: a mental disorder that makes it hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.)

No entry for elephants

A list of pink elephants

  • The US government is behind the attack to the twin towers.
  • There is a group of reptilians controlling the destiny of this world.
  • The condensation trails left by the airplanes are actually chemicals intended to poison our minds and control our lives.
  • Jesus is our Savior. (or Mohammad, Siddhartha, and the Great Pumpkin).
  • 40 million people died as a consequence of Chernobyl.
  • The Apollo mission never landed on the Moon.
  • Vaccines are used for the only purpose to inoculate whatever dangerous poisoning substance in the body of our children.
  • Add your own…

Condensation trails.

My favorite condensation trails. Not really dangerous, certainly romantic. More photos, on my photographic blog: Fried Oranges.

Condensation trails

Condensation trails

Condensation trails

2 responses to “A pink elephant (you moron!)

  1. Wonderful post, I know this scenario very well. Sometimes I think that people like you and me have a lot in common with Sheldon Cooper, as my son often says when we come up in a similar conversation. But I’m quite sure that there are some fundamental rules: never, ever discuss with an idiot; and, sometimes, try to see that damned pink elephant.

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