Snow in Jerusalem

Some beautiful pictures of the snow falling over the old city of Jerusalem, Israel.

Haredi Snow

Kotel Haredim Snow Israel

Wailing Wall Snow

Kotel Snow

Mount of Olives Snow

Har-habacc81yith Snow

Dome of the Rock Snow

Mount of Olives Snow

Snow over Jerusalem


2 responses to “Snow in Jerusalem

  1. I’ve been following coverage of the Israel snow (and rain!) for two days now, as well as the posts of my friends in how their kids are delighting in the snow. My family just hosted an Israeli teen for a few weeks in December and ALL he and his other Israeli peers wanted to see in Rochester was SNOW. Not a flake. Now they are home, and look at all that snow. Were these photos your own or taken from the web? Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for sharing your story!
      These pictures were taken from the web: I was really impressed and surprised by them. I have some dear friends who just moved from Sweden to Israel, hoping to have a mild winter. This idea prompted me to post the photos of Jerusalem under the snow!

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