I have a crush on Sarah Silverman

Sarah SilvermanI have a crush on Sarah Silverman. And I confessed it, this morning, to Bella. I guess she was less surprised than the day I announced to be in love with Alan Shore.

Do you know Sarah? I have seen some of her shows, but it was not until spending these days at home, with some flu, that I discovered her. And got in love. I spent these last afternoons, on the sofa, drinking hot milk, and watching her videos. Sarah has it all: she is a brunette, has a wicked sense of humor and a daring tongue. And she is Jewish.  How can things be more perfect?

I’d love to be Jewish

I’d love to be Jewish. I guess it dates back to primary school, when Rabbi Elia visited our class. He was a nice man, much more sympathetic that the awful nun who was teaching us about Jesus. Some weeks after Rabbi Elia’s visit, we had also the opportunity to attend a Sabbath ceremony at the Synagogue, in Trst.

I guess that wearing a kippah would fit me. Actually I bought one, some years ago. However, for hard I checked my mother’s lineage, I could not find a Jewish line.
I had finally to accept, with some disappointment, that my great grandma was a Christian Orthodox.

sara silverman nude

A controversial girl (back to Sarah)

Sarah Silverman has been the only person — as far as I know — who gave a speech at one of the famous TED conferences... to find herself censored by the organizers, and the video of her performance being removed from the TED archives! And yet, that was one of my favorite performances!

Well, they should have known better before inviting this star of Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central!

Sarah Silverman TED censored talk

Like a comedy by Woody Allen

Sarah’s life seems written by Woody Allen. An atheist Jew, one of her sisters is a Rabbi living in Israel, Sarah wet her bed until she was a teen, and later suffered of depression for several years. Most of her shows are highly controversial: once she asked the Pope to sell the Vatican, so to save the world from famine (not a bad idea, though).

Another time Sarah offered herself to a Republican millionaire (for a lap dance), should he decide to divert his electoral funding from Romney to Obama. Not sure if he accepted, though.

Old Jews Telling Jokes

There is this BBC show I love. As the title goes, the show features old jews telling jokes. They are hilarious. There are plenty of them, on YouTube. Here are some. When I want to have a good laugh, this is my favorite source!

Sara Silverman – a photo gallery

A photo gallery of Sarah Silverman.
Because Sarah is not just funny, but also really cute.

Cleavage Sara Silverman

Sara Silverman Natural

Sara Silverman High Res

Sara Silverman Close Up

Why don’t you two kiss?

And yes, if you liked the photo of Lana Del Rey kissing Jennifer Lawrence, here is a picture of Sarah Silverman kissing Jessica Biel. Why do guys enjoy this?

Jessica Biel Sarah Silverman


Love Instagram. Even though it is one of the few social applications I am not using. (Fact is, I still use my old Nokia, paid a couple of hundred Swedish crowns, and I refuse to spend money on a smart phone! I rather get another lens for my Nikon!) However, Instagram is a nice source to get some behind-the-scenes pictures of my favorite girls. (Have a look at Zsuzsanna Jakabos, for example!)

So here are some Instagram pictures of Sarah Silverman. Following her on Twitter, now. And hoping to see some more soon!

Instagram Sarah Silverman

An Instagram self portrait by Sarah Silverman

Instagram Sarah Silverman

An Instagram self portrait by Sarah Silverman

Instagram Sarah Silverman

An Instagram photo of Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman and Barack Obama

Sarah Silverman and Barack Obama

4 responses to “I have a crush on Sarah Silverman

  1. Her humor’s a bit too scatological for me most of the time; I just think she’s smarter than that, and capable of more. Anyway, do you mind if I steal an image or two and post them on my own blog later today?

    • You are very welcome in copying any image (I do not own the rights of these images. I post them as “fair use” as described in the disclaimer!). But if you post a link back to my blog, I will be happy!

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