Auf Wiedersehen, Lady Pope

Pope Benedict XVI looks through the plan

Gone with the Wind. The Lady Gaga of all the Popes announced today his decision to leave the Throne of Rome. I just hope the next one will be as fashionable as Joseph Ratzinger, with his red shoes (the Pope wears Prada) and his wicked taste for hats.

Not sure if they will elect a black guy, for sure it will not be Asian. Most likely, we will have an Italian King. Funny enough, it is election time, in Italy. Mr. Berlusconi is seriously considering to apply for the post. I would like to see him Pope.

Waiting for more fun, here is a gallery of pictures of the Pope. Going.

Auf Wiedersehen, Benedict. Going to miss you!

Way Of The Cross Led By Pope Benedict XVI

Auf Wiedersehen Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI

The Pope In Austria - Day 3

Pope Benedict XVI Makes First Oficial Trip To Bari

Pope Benedict XVI Visits Brazil

Vatican Pope

Benedict XVI

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