13 responses to “Sexy Virgin Mary

  1. For something like this picture I do find it offend it isn’t the kind type to do the picture of Blessing Mother image. I must say shame on you, not an artist nor right kind to do.

    • I am sorry that you find it offensive. However, an advantage of Christianity over other religious believes is that you can freely mock it symbols, without getting killed. Or at least, it is so in modern times. So, don’t get offended! This image, is a sign that your religion is more tolerant than the average! (Oh, well, at least in some countries. Dancing in a Russian church, for example, could cost you several years of labour camps.)

        • Oh, ok, then maybe you are not that tolerant after all. I wonder why do religious people and believers need to be always so eager to offend others in the name of their imaginary friends.

  2. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you hurt other people’s feelings. We venerate and honour Mary as our Mother. Putting her picture like this is equivalent to putting a similar picture of your own mother in public.. It would hurt you and all who love your mom. I pray the one who put this picture up would remove it.

    It’s not only offensive, it’s deeper than that – it hurts and insults us.

    • Dear Diana, Virgin Mary is as real as Santa Claus. I am sorry if this image offends your imaginary world. However, there are plenty of more offensive things in the real world, on this planet: children starving in Africa, human rights in China, the prevalence of black people in the death row in the southern states of the US, the prosecution of homosexuals in Russia, Iran, Vatican City. I am offended by people oppressed in name of religion, that is in the name of imaginary invisible entities talking to people wearing funny hats. I am insulted by the ignorance, by the violence, by wars. This is deeper. Virgin Mary is a character of a manga, sorry to say. But she does not exist.

  3. I find it difficult to believe that some of the above comments come from people who profess to be Christians. Shinji, I think you are correct in saying, “go back and do your homework.” Too many people profess to follow Jesus of Nazareth but have no idea what he stood for. Having said these things I must confess to believing in the Virgin Mary. I do not find the picture offensive.

  4. How Dare You – This Is A Vile and Evil Image!! May Jesus Christ and His Mother, The Mother of God – The Most Holy Blessed Virgin Mary, have Mercy on your soul!

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