Gay Pride 2011 Paris

Try to tell to people that you decided to help organizing the next Gay Pride, and see how they react. First doubt my interlocutors had, was to understand if I was serious. Maybe I was just trying to introduce the gay topic, so to tell a funny homophobic joke. You could see their eyes waiting for me saying something funny. But no, seriously, I am going to participate in the event. And I’d love to have any of you joining me!

The absolute embarrassment

Then, expected, arrived the question about my wife. That is, on my sexual identity. Just to check. Did we understand correctly? Weren’t you married to a woman? By the way, a really beautiful woman. Yes, I am. And yes, she is.

Just to continue with a long list of cliche on wild and promiscuous lesbian girls, the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases when having any interaction with homosexual men, the uncontrollable smiles when it comes to the tabu of transgender, and the absolute embarrassment of even mentioning the existence of bisexuality.

Revelers enjoy during the annual Gay Pri

Tomorrow, facts could prove you wrong

But if you read this blog, from time to time, you should know how and what I think. That is, sexual orientation and preferences are mainly induced by the surrounding environment, families, situations, needs, social expectations. There is no hetero or homo, but shades and grades, and we all oscillate in this range, in our life. Say your opinion, but let me tell you that the preference for a gender or another is not even definitive, or permanent. Be careful of making fun on sexual orientations, tomorrow facts could prove you wrong!

I will not go so far as saying that any man masturbating (that is, all men, Pope Francis of Rome and Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow included), any man masturbating is somehow enjoying some healthy homosexual intercourse. But yes, yes, somehow it is.

Gay Pride Red

It is not (just) about your identity

Still, the Pride is not about being homosexual, bisexual, transgender or questioning your identity. The Pride is about the right of being whatever you want to be. Wanna kiss a guy? Who cares if you are a man or a woman. Wanna wear a skirt and make-up? Love it! Wanna just be yourself, and get in love with whoever you want? Or just to have sex, for once, with someone different from what your grandma would approve? Do it!

This world would definitively be a much better place, if people would let other people enjoy the rainbow of experiences life offer, rather than limiting (and disrespecting) others due to their own insecurities.

2013 Belgian Pride: be part of it!

So yes, the next May 18 I will be one of the many volunteers making the 2013 Belgian Pride possible.  And if you also want to give a contribution with your time and energy, here is the volunteers page:
(The page is in French! But Google Translate might help, and writing in English to the organizers is always possible! — I did so!)



US Soldiers could participate openly at the Gay Pride, after President Obama repealed "Don't ask, don't tell". Hopefully the Catholic Church will take the same decision for its clergy.

US Soldiers could participate openly at the Gay Pride, after President Obama repealed “Don’t ask, don’t tell”. Hopefully the Catholic Church will take the same decision for its clergy.

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