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Madlen Nazarova

Do you remember Madlen Nazarova? Yes, the friend of Nadya Vall in the Girl Model documentary. With some surprise, I noticed that the post I dedicated to her was one of the most read on this blog, in the last couple of months. Moreover, if you Google for “Madlen Nazarova”, you get my page as first result!

So, I decided to post some more photos of this beautiful and sweet Russian model. After blogging about Madlen and Nadya Vall, I had also the opportunity to exchange some mails with them. Both girls seem to do it quite well, and have been really nice in answering my messages.

 I wonder

I wonder if The Incredible Tide is somehow helping Madlen and Nadya in their career. Maybe not. Still, I hope one day to have the privilege to have both Madlen Nazarova and Nadya Vall to pose for me! (Yes,as you know, beside writing a blog, getting Nobel Prizes and getting some physics done, my — not so — secret ambition is to become a professional photographer!)

A gallery of Madlen Nazarova in color.

A gallery of Madlen Nazarova in black and white.


All these photos were taken from open sources on the internet. I could not find the copyright information, so I publish them along with this disclaimer: if you are the owner of the copyright and you want to be credited, please contact me; if you are the owner of the copyright and you want any of these photos of Madlen Nazarova to be removed, please contact me and the images will be removed immediately. For more information, read my disclaimer page. This is a fan page dedicated to model and actress Madlen Nazarova and not an official page representing Madlen.

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