Five things I learned at the Gay Pride

Gay Pride Belgium 2013

1. It does not matter who kisses you.

Really, it does not matter if it is a cute girl, or a cute guy! It makes you feel good either way. The kiss on the cheek I got from a guy, just because he liked me, or the one from a girl who wanted my funny pink hat. And even the one — does it really matter if it was a boy or a girl? — who smacked his/her lips on mine! If you don’t believe me, for once in life, do something different and try it!

2. Nail polish is cool!

I just love nail polish. I got it from a Ph.D. student in my group — who actually was not too surprised I wanted to wear it! A rainbow on my nails. Donno what you think a serious laureato should look like (a “laureato” is an Italian category of supernatural people with a university degree — accounting for just 10% of the national population!). I can tell you, nail polish might be very elegant also on a man’s hand. And I think it is quite stupid to think that just women should wear it!

Gay Pride Belgium 2013

3. Get over it! Gay zombies are people too!

Kinda creepy humor, but the gay zombies group was really well dressed up! And the message — not too ironical — was clear too. I guess it is not just devoted Catholics who believe that the bite of an homosexual might transform you in an opprobrious half-human thirsty of healthy straight blood. Get over it!

4. Marriage for everyone

In a world where half of marriages ends up in bitter remorse, cheating, legal complaints, and in some cases homicides, I don’t understand what is so sacred in this institution that you want to keep it away from the braves who want to give it a try!
I lived in countries where same-sex marriages are forbidden as well as in free countries: people seemed the same here and there. Maybe happier in the second case.

Getting married?

By the way, I am looking forward to be the photographer at a same-sex marriage. Worldwide! Just contact me on Facebook!

5. And what about children?

And what about children? Happiness and sound development of children depends on how you treat them. Seriously. I grew up in an heterosexual family, and I can tell you, I have good arguments to ask the suppression of opposite-sex marriages.  On the other hand, if you truly believe that this world is now running toward a generation of depraved homosexuals, think about it: didn’t they grew up in traditional heterosexual families? So, maybe, gay parents will raise straight children fighting for the sanctity of marriage!

6. Did I say five? Well get an extra one!

A free world would be a better world. For everyone. I remember this guy at my high school. And how other kids were mocking him for his “effeminate” appearance attitude, his choice of cloths and colors, the tone of his voice. Teenagers may be really cruel, but they did not make it by themselves. They repeat what they learned at home, at the local parish, from the tv, even from the school. I cannot imagine the hell that poor kid had to go through. I am sure he is still suffering for the treatment he received in his youth.

I want my children to grow up in a world where they can dress up as they want, where they can choose the color of their cloths, and can decide what nail polish to use — boys and girls. If people could express their personality freely, no child would have to suffer for his or her identity. So, if not for you, do it at least for your children! Get over it!

More photos from the 2013 Belgian Pride

I was one of the official photographers of the 2013 Belgian Pride. These are some of my photos! More on my photography blog and on Facebook: one, two, three and four. (More than 400 pictures! Check if you are there!)

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