A good reason for great worries

What is actually the meaning of looking back at our past? Is it just me, or do you also have some old shoe boxes filled with dusty photos, forgotten love letters, diaries of your teenage years? I have plenty of them, and they cover the exact period from April 10, 1989 to January 26, 2007. Not one day less, not one day more.

Yes, indeed, they are a great resource when you are up to write a blog about “a time when this present was just a possible future“. To be very honest with you, looking at this over documented era of my existence:
this present was definitively NOT a possible future.

Awkward Years Project 02

According to those diaries

According to those diaries, today I should have been:
– a catholic priest
– dead and forgotten since long time
– married to some ugly girl (yes, I sneaked on Facebook to look how some girls I was “so in love” — when I was a teen — look today. Jesus saved me!)
– still an ambulance driver
– living in Denmark
– having a tattoo on my neck
– a missioner in South America
– married to some pretty girl (same as above!)
– believing in Buddha
– a successful novel writer
– never involved with a girl younger than I am
– still virgin
– Methodist
– living in Guatemala
– a nurse


The list is still long, but nowhere are mentioned the following:
– a nuclear physicist
– a wedding photographer
– married to a Kurdish princess
– working for the European Union
– having a PhD
– being atheist
– living between Sweden and Belgium
– being happy

Just to say, it’s pointless to imagine our future. Things will turn out to be completely different. And — believe me — this is a very good reason for great worries.
Where the hell am I going to be, in ten years from now?

Awkward Years Project

The photos in this post are part of the Awkward Years Project by Merilee © 2013
Please visit: http://awkwardyearsproject.tumblr.com/
And submit your photo.

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