My ex-girlfriends’ boyfriends


I am writing this new post. The title is “My ex-girlfriends’ boyfriends”. Some seems like cute guys, for most I have empathy, a couple of them looks really boring and unpleasant. I wonder if I should publish it or not. Ex-girlfriends tend to be touchy.

A few of them are not on Facebook, one did not accept my friendship request, one removed me some time ago. Still, many of the girls I have been dating are there, their status updates and holidays photos popping up whenever I check what is going on the social network (that is to say, what is going on in the world out there.)

Just a warning

So, it is kinda inevitable to get acquainted with the smiling faces of their new boyfriends, fiancees and husbands. And, in some cases, with the cuteness of their new born babies (but maternity of ex-girlfriends will be a good topic for a new post, and I will not say more — here!)

Just a warning. If we have been dating, don’t read further.
And if you do, have some sense of humor.


The tall, the short, the fat

There is this tall guy, somehow handsome, despite an early hair loss. Tall, here, is the key-word. Indeed, I remember this girl commenting about other guys — when we were dating — and how she was always highlighting her interest for tallness. Tall, tall, tall. Here we go, few months had passed since we split up, and she was finally happy. I think they fit together.

Another girl got a short one, instead. Well, apparently I should say “she kept” rather than “she got”, since they were dating before she met me. And they got married after. He has a round face, pale skin, red cheeks: a porcelain doll. The guy does not look too smart, but I have no reason to doubt he is a good pal.

The third guy is fat and ugly. And he does not smell very well. How do I know? Well, he was trying to date the girl already at the time when me and her were a couple, so I had my chance to meet him. Not sure they are in a relationship, now. But I saw some photos of the two of them dancing together. Maybe she is dating someone else, but he is still there, sweating and stinking, trying to get something he will never have.


I definitively preferred the previous one

And then there is this new boy. The same smiling face in every single photo. I wonder how he does. Maybe the guy is training in front of a mirror, while brushing his hair in the morning. He seems sticky, sugary, over-enthusiastic, sensitive, smart, naïve: like an actor of a romantic comedy. And that is the point. It is too perfect to be true.

I definitively preferred the previous one: he seemed more real and — for sure — cuter. Myself, I would have dated him. But you know, it is not up to me. Interesting, though, how people can jump between two extremes. But, didn’t I do the same?

The Pilot’s Melancholy

The images in this post are from The Pilot’s Melancholy, a beautiful series of amazing photographer Dominik Smialowski.

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