The love we share

the love we share

Angelo and Jennifer

Here I am, sitting on this white carpet we bought together at IKEA. The television is on, just a white noise to fill the echoes of my tears. Bella is at home, some thousands kilometers away from here. I am at home, too. In our other home. In another country

Angelo met her in Cleveland, and to his own words “The first time I saw Jennifer I knew. I knew she was the one.” A year later, or so, they got married in Central Park, and danced their love together, surrounded by family and friends.

the love we share angelo merendino

Six months. Not even.

Not even six months passed since that magic night, when Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. I could rewrite here their story with my own words. I will not. Angelo and Jennifer’s story deserve to be heard from their own voices. So please, stop reading this post here, and just give to this amazing couple the time to tell you the truth about love:

the love we share jennifer merendinothe love we share angelo and jennifer

Every minute without you

It has been more than two years, since I moved to Belgium. Oh, yes, the job was exciting! The European Commission, the Nobel Prize, some really amazing colleagues, the conference in New York, the contacts and the opportunities. We could travel to see each other every second week, sometimes even more often. Other times, we spent a month or two together. But two years and half are gone. Two years and half since we got married. And I miss her so much.

We will live healthy and happy together for the next hundred years. I already know it. I will not be enough. It will never be enough. Every minuted I spent here, these thousand kilometers separating us, is a minute lost forever.

Finally, at the end of this year, I will move back to Sweden. It has not been easy to make it possible. But yes, we did it. We are getting closer.

I miss you

Life is not easy. And we both want it all. The opportunities we want to build for us — and for our children — have a high price to be paid. Every hour spent away one from the other is so expensive, that the outcome should be worth it. And I will. But I miss you.

Oh, how much I miss you!

the love we share jennifer 922011 Chemo nurse accessing mediport the love we share jennifer familyEmpty bed

The love we share

Read more about Jennifer and Angelo Merendino story, discover their story, follow their journey. And don’t waste your time. Do what you love, live with those you love, enjoy the time you have.

Visit their official website:

All the photos are © Angelo Merendino — The Battle We Didn’t Choose

jennifer merandino

2 responses to “The love we share

  1. I know the feeling, my friend. Hang in there and remember that when you two are finally together, it will be worth it all.

    I read the Meredino story before and everytime it brings tears to my eyes. It reminds me so much of when A had cancer. A young person, or any person in this world, should never be diagnosed with that unfair disease.
    Sending you a big hug from sunny CA.

    • The way Angelo is keeping Jennife’s memory alive is so inspiring. And proves that boundaries of true love extend well beyond human life.

      I have been thinking also about you and A., writing this post. How you have been living far away from each other when he was still not sure that everything was going ok. I am so happy to see you finally together and confident in the future!

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