12 reasons why the #icebucketchallenge is immoral

1) No one knows how it actually started. However, in the beginning the challenge was: “donate, or throw water on yourself”. That is, no one was supposed to pour a bucket of iced water on their head. That was not the point, the point was to donate some money (good or bad, I’ll come back later to this issue). So, all those who posted videos where they throw water over their heads did not get the point of the game. As it happened with the all religions, the followers never got it right, and they focused on the ritual rather than on the message.

2) The so-called “challenge” is actually a Mafia practice: you are not really given a choice. You get nominated, you have to pay. Charity, as I understand it, it is supposed to be an act of free will. Try to be nominated, and to refuse to pay: they will single you out as a greedy, heartless, disgusting sub-human. The community will attack you, mob you, kill you. The “challenge” is actually a tax, imposed arbitrarily on an unwilling individual. As such, I morally refuse to pay.

3) As a forty year old man, I can afford to stand my ground. I wonder how many teenagers will be/were forced to take part in the game of throwing water over their head, even though they did not want to. My refusal to take part in this creepy ritual is also for those kids. The idiots are those who promote this “ice bucket challenge mafia threat”, and you have all the right to say “no!”. I stand for the weak: what about you?

4) Let’s talk about the ALS: “oh, yes, we are raising awareness”. “It is a serious disease”. “We finance research”. Bullshit. In 2012, malaria caused an estimated 627,000 deaths (with an uncertainty range of 473,000 to 789,000), mostly among African children: http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs094/en/ While 22,600 US Americans are living with ALS. All the money you have sent to this ALS supporting organization is immoral, do I need to tell you why?


5) Tobacco was responsible for more than 100 million deaths worldwide in the 20th Century. Driving kills even more. The same about alcohol. So, if you either smoke, drive or drink alcohol, don’t even dare to come to me with your bullshit about “donating”, “charity”, “saving lives”, “being good”. Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol, stop driving your car. Then, only then, we can talk.

6) What do you actually know about this association/organization/whatever you are donating? Have you ever heard talking about it? Be honest! And how will they actually use the money? Any clue? For what you and I know, this could well be a scam, a terrorist organization, a religious congregation. What is the scientific valence of their research? No, don’t even try: you have just no fucking clue about what you are donating to. So, please, shut up.

7) Oh, yes, then there are the parasitic initiatives. Well, the famous ALS organization tried to copyright (bad sign, uh!?) the #icebucketchallenge trademark. They had to withdraw the application. So, now, everyone is trying to get a share of the cake. More or less any organization around the world tries to get the hands in your wallet. Polish charities, Italian mafias — I would not be surprised if even ISIS will try to get you donating for them. It is a rush for money. My money.

8) Yes, because I fucking work for my money. I spent years studying, I had to move around the world, I had to sacrifice my personal life to finally be able to get a good job. No one gave it to me for free. And I do pay income taxes. So, the Swedish state can finance road works, hospitals, and also medical research. They get 35% of my income. I guess I am doing my part.

9) And the money I earn, after paying taxes, that is a debt to my daughter. She did not ask to come to this world. I own her more than to anyone else. Every penny.


10) Then, Jesus said: “don’t let your left hand knows what your right hand does”. If what you really want to do is charity, do it, and shut up. Posting a video is a way to masturbate your ego, and it has nothing to do with a good action. You really give money, after pouring iced water over your head? That is not charity, that is a ticket you pay for 37 seconds of fame. That is the price you are ready to pay for 20 likes on Facebook. Don’t give me bullshit: this has nothing to do with charity.

11) And yes, fuck Jesus. This Ice Bucket Challenge is nothing more than a religion. Think about it: you need to follow a ritual, you are engaged in active proselytism, you attack those infidels who dare to question your credo, it all comes down to pay some money, it makes you to feel better than the others. Religions are for morons — just to say.

12) Did someone really reach this last 12th point. Well, if you need me to give more reasons why this whole #icebucketchallenge is idiotic, immoral, and somehow criminal, if you really need more, then I guess there is no hope for you. Go to the kitchen get some water and ice, and make your video. After all, if you need so little to be happy.

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