Despicable me? Despicable you!


Yes, to increase my income taxes is immoral.
And if you don’t think so, go to hell.

My family was never rich. My mother worked as primary school teacher, my father as nurse. I grew up in the wealthiest area of the city, since my mum was teaching at the local school there. My class mates were sons and daughters of lawyers, architects, dentists, business owners. They lived in expensive houses, surrounded by huge gardens (parks, I should say). Some had nannies, one had a room as-big-as our rental apartment just for his toys.

I remember the day I got a bicycle as birthday present. I was so excited. It was red, and had a black leather seat. The day after I showed it to my friends: “look at my new bike!” — I said, proud. It’s not new, they explained me: rich kids always know the difference. It was a second hand one. I felt so humiliated.


I worked 12 hours shifts

At 19, I earned some money going home of an old man, and washing him — twice a week — for the few euros that his daughter was giving me. I then worked serving food to the homeless, I moved furniture, I sold frozen food door-to-door, I served in a restaurant, I cleaned the toilets of a night club. For ten years, I worked as ambulance driver.

Yes, ten years driving ambulances. Let me tell you about my contract: I was paid by the hour. No paid holidays, no paid sick leave, no guaranteed minimum salary, having to work 12 hours shifts (and some times 24 hours ones). I did not earn any retirement salary rights. I had even to buy my own shoes and uniform.

Then, yes, I went to the university. I got my diploma, in due time and with full honors.
I also got my licentiate. And my doctoral degree.

A better life

I moved to the States, to Sweden, to Japan, to Belgium. I sacrificed the relations with my family in Italy. My wife and I lived for more than two years in two different countries. I published my papers, established my collaborations, presented my work. I did put all my self in this. Because I wanted to get a better life. A better life for me, for my wife, for our daughter.

Finally I get a decent salary. Not too much, just the right for my job. I can tell you: I work every fucking penny of it. I do have qualifications that most people ready-to-judge-my-income would not be even able to understand. And I have my load of responsibilities.

[To have an idea how salaries distribute in Sweden, check this link on SVT Swedish Public Television]

Stefan Löfven increase income taxes

Stefan Löfven’s government increased income taxes for the middle class.

Thank you very much

I am still not rich. I do not have investments, and I could buy a house only with the help of my family. I do have enough to provide to my two girls. Not more, not less.

And they are now telling me that my salary is “high”, that now I am “wealthy”, that what I earn should be taxed more*.  [* Bella made me to notice that — meanwhile — the royal family’s appanage will be untouched. And did you know that Sweden do not have any inheritance tax? Read here:]

So, tell me, why did I put all my effort in achieving results if — instead of appreciating it, and stimulating others to to the same — you decide to punish me? And I am not talking to the government. They are the result of your vote. Of your decision. You are pushing me back. You are telling me that I do not deserve more, that my efforts were vane.

Thank you very much.


Still, I am proud of what I have achieved.

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