Preemptive strike (killing in advance)

Kevin Vickers, a modern Canadian hero.

Kevin Vickers, a modern Canadian hero.

Is it right to arrest, incarcerate, eventually kill someone who you reasonably assume is going to commit a crime? Yesterday, a man introduced himself in the Canadian parliament, after shooting and killing a soldier stationed outside. The intruder was eventually shot down and killed by a security officer, Kevin Vickers (in the photo, above). I am not feeling sorry: what you pay is what you get.

The fact is that the perpetrator of this crime was not unknown to police forces: recently his passport had been seized by the Canadian authorities to prevent him from traveling to Syria and joining the bloodthirsty ISIS. So, police knew that this guy had the idea to go around the world killing innocent people. Would have had — the Canadian Government — the duty, if not the right, to arrest, incarcerate and eventually kill this man, as a preemptive action?

Guantanamo. Remorse or regret.

Guantanamo. Remorse or regret.

A decent civilized person

If you see yourself as a decent civilized person, probably your answer would be “of course not“. Myself, I would agree with you. You cannot send to prison, or to the electric chair, a person based on the assumption that he (or she) was going to commit a heinous crime. This is what dictatorships do.

Augusto Pinochet (a dear friend of Saint Johannes Paul II, by the way), once in power, arrested, deported and eventually killed all those suspected of not supporting his new regime. A strategy that guaranteed him a life-long place at the heart of Chilean power. The three Kims (Il-sung, Jong-il and Jong-un) are ruling North Korea deporting to concentration camps not just the suspected dissidents, but three full generations of their relatives. (Here a gallery of photos of Kim and DPRK.)

Best friends. Augusto Pinochet and Karol Wojtyla.

Best friends. Augusto Pinochet and Karol Wojtyla.

Herod Antipas did give it a try

Despise it, if you want. But the strategy works — and not just when evil is playing it. In 1967, the Israeli government was informed that Egypt, Syria and Jordan were preparing to attack the country: their (not so undeclared) objective was to destroy and wipe-off the only democracy in Middle East. In a surprise move, Tzahal (the Israeli Defense Forces) carried out the most successful preemptive attack of modern history. In six-days, the three Arabic countries lost all their Air Forces, large territories, and their honor. (By the way, IDF female soldiers are the cutest in the world: a nice gallery is linked here, and another here!)

Some statistics could show what is the probability for a man born in Gaza Strip to become a suicide bomber, or a Hamas terrorist. If the probability would be high enough, could it be right to preemptively kill all new-born Palestinian boys? Herod Antipas tried this strategy once and he missed his target: Jesus son of Joseph ran safely to Egypt (Tzahal would have not failed to get him!). In the same way, some other statistics could tell us how many boys born in the slams of Naples would become criminals: a good reason to exterminate them?

Tzahal. An Israeli girl soldier.

Tzahal. An Israeli girl soldier.

A jealous ex-girlfriend of mine

I remember this very jealous ex-girlfriend of mine: she would have carried a preemptive nuke attack on me, every time a girl was crossing our path. To give you an idea, once we were just arrived in Budapest for our summer holidays. We spent the night on the train, traveling with an InterRail ticket, and when we arrived in the Hungarian capital, I was not really fresh. So, being hungry we decided to stop at the McDonald outside the train station. She sat down at a table, guarding our backpacks, and I went to order our sandwiches. I waited in line, and finally it was my turn: “Good morning, how can I help you today?” — asked a smiling young girl, with a red hat, standing over the counter. “Doing fine, thank you.” — my innocent answer “I’d like to have two Big Macs”. And then, just before hearing a door slamming, that ex-girlfriend of mine yelled: “You bastard! Do you want to fuck that whore?“. Then, she run out, leaving my backpack behind. She took the next train back home, and spoiled our vacation.

Another time she did the same at the cinema, when a girl (accompanied by her boyfriend) sat beside me — and smiled asking if I would mind to remove my popcorn box from her chair. And what about the day she insulted a waitress in a pizzeria, because she allegedly looked at me, while serving our dinner.

Now, I kinda know that girls do not usually try to sexually assault me on the street — I am not that kind of guy, my strength is in my words (this is why I never picked up a girl in a club, but I had some girls trying to seduce me at university). So, the preemptive strikes of this ex-girlfriend were absolutely unjustified.

(Read about ten girls I have been dating, and about break-ups. I also wrote a post about my ex-girlfriends’ new boyfriends. Please do not read it, if you are one of the girls I used to date and if you do not have a sense of humor!)

Or I will kill you.

Or I will kill you.

Killing Adolf Hitler (when he was a child)

I understand if now you wonder where the hell I am going with this reasoning. Let me say it clear, then. If you shoot first, if you kill in advance, the enemy (real or presumptive) will not be able to hurt you. Sometimes you could be right, some other times dreadfully wrong. There is no correct answer. If the Canadian government would have arrested that man when it had the occasion to, an innocent Canadian citizen would be still alive. But we would not have ever known if the imprisoned guy was a potential murderer or a victim of an injustice!

(Think about it: would you have killed the child Adolf Hitler, if you would have had the possibility to?)

Once she had the occasion

ps: I never cheated on that jealous girlfriend.
Eventually, she slept with another guy — once shehad the occasion.

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