The real reason why I love Coca-Cola Life

coca cola life

I do not like to admit it: but yes, I am heavily influenced by advertising. And you can see it by the products I buy at the supermarket. Well, actually, you can see it by the advertising of the products I buy. Coca-Cola is the best example. Some days ago, I was saying “Coca-Cola Zero is disgusting, so it is Coca-Cola Light, and even worst Coca-Cola without caffeine” — and then I added — “However, I really like the new Coca-Cola Life“. Then, today, I found out why. Yes, why I do like “Life” and not “Zero”. And the reason is quite simple. No, nothing to do with the taste, the calories, the content of sugar. No, it is all about the way they advertise the two beverages.
Take a look:

Coca Cola Zero

Coca Cola Life

A guy like me

If you know me at least a little, you will certainly recognize the pattern. The storytelling in the first commercial (Coke Zero) is not relating in any way to my personal experience. I do not hang out with guys, I do not play sports, I am afraid of height, and I do always wear sitting belts in the car. Moreover, I am not attracted by the girl in the video, nor I can identify myself with the all-muscular guy playing hero.

The commercial of Coke Life, instead, it is all about me. A sweet story of romance and memories, first kisses and emotions. This ad relates to love, holding hands, the feeling of uncertainty of teenage relationships. If you had the patience to read The Incredible Tide in these years, you will see how — yes! — the commercial of Coca Cola Life was written for a guy like me.

It hurts, but I am ready do admit it. I do not dislike Zero and love Life because of their taste. No, I do like one taste over the other because someone decided to sell Life to me and Zero to someone else. Because a smart advertising company decided to cover two very different sectors in the market: the guys who see themselves as hot masculine heroes, and those who have embraced their feminine side.

And if you still do not believe it, look at this one!

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