My daughter’s blue eyes

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My daughter is smart and strong. She loves to charm strangers with a smile, and her dad looking at me straight in the eyes. Since she was three months old, we started reading some stories to her: some books are in Italian, others in Swedish. Her favorite has a colorful cover with a smiling pig and its mouse friend.

My daughter sleeps only with Italian music, watches cartoons in English, laughs and dances when mamma sings in Kurdish. At 5 months old, I bought her first LEGO: whoever wrote on the box that those were intended only for kids older than 18 months, they should come and meet our girl!

My daughter was born with long dark hair and some big, deep black eyes. Her eyebrows are reddish, and her hair are showing now some red reflections, under the sunlight. What everyone notices, though, looking at her for the first time, are not the unusual long hair — for a six months old child — nor the pale skin. They do not mention the tall stature, the cute nose and the strong hold of her hands. No, people just look at — and comment — the color of her eyes.

My daughter has blue eyes. They turned blue some month or two after she was born. From black that they were, day by day, her eyes are becoming brighter and brighter. Blue and blue.

Oh, I see, mum is Swedish!

Infants eyes’ color is changing, they say, until they are 2 years of age. People keep reminding this fact to us, as to say: “don’t be too happy, her eyes will turn brown, as it should be, as it is expected to be.” How stupid, people can be. “Does your wife have blue eyes?” — they ask me. And there is always a smart ass saying “Oh, I see that mum should be Swedish! Look at those blue eyes!”

My daughter, according to the viral Chinese App

My daughter, according to the viral Chinese App “My Idol”

Here are five facts about my daughter’s eyes.

  1. I will always remember the first time I looked into her eyes. It was a rainy morning of early November. She cried twice, just when they took her out. Then, resting on mamma’s chest, she was quiet, looking around with great curiosity. “What am I doing here?”. She crossed my look, and stared straight in my eyes. And I cried.
  2. I love the expression of her face when something interesting happens. Our girl opens her big eyes even more, and she looks at things with the curiosity of intelligent human beings. Which is a rare quality.
  3. She squeezes her eyes every time some sun hits her face. Then she turnes away her head with great discomfort and disappointment. This is why we have now a beautiful yellow umbrella installed on her stroller. So that she can look around, without being annoyed by direct sunlight.
  4. Our daughter looks at people directly in the eyes. Especially in three situations: when we are with someone else in the elevator, when we are strolling around and she is in the baby belt, when she likes you. (She tends to like people who are calm and smiling, who do not wear perfumes, who do not talk loudly and who treat her like a person — not like a child).
  5. Yes, her eyes are blue. Light blue, with a black circle around the iris, and no traces of yellow or green.
Tim Burton's girl with many eyes.

Tim Burton’s girl with many eyes.

And here are three facts about you, when meeting our girl.

  1. Praise her intelligence, her strength, her ability to play piano on the iPad and the way she interacts with her LEGO. Congratulate the way she stands up by herself and cheer her swimming skills. She is not 6 months old yet: there is plenty to be proud of!
  2. Soon, our daughter will talk four languages, will travel the world, and will be great at math! Tell her how smart she is. Listen to what she will have to say. Take seriously her point of view. Ask her opinion.
  3. Yes, you can tell her that she has beautiful eyes, and that she is pretty. But do it in the right way: “What beautiful, smart eyes!”, “What a pretty and strong girl!”, “What a smart and charming person!”

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A girl with blue eyes.

A girl with beautiful blue eyes.

Don’t call me (just) pretty!

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