About this blog

As every kid does, I have spent hours collecting magazine’s cuttings, taped on some used school-notebook. Color pictures of charming hollywood stars, articles on imaginative spacecrafts, travel photos of far-away-lands I would have visited may years later, and quite a number of interesting  documents on the most various topics.  The thin thread binding all the elements of my collection was a braid of mystic beauty, vintage retro and post-apocalyptic technology.

Today, as every grown up does, I browse the internet following the thread of my thoughts, collecting the most interesting pieces of the world out there. And sometimes I feel like Conan, the Future Boy of Hayao Miyazaki’s anime, looking at a society very different from the world I knew before.

This blog is my scrapbook, a place to save the memories of a time when this present was just a possible future. A photo album of celebrities — when they were still not famous. A retrospective travel book in the abandoned lands of the previous century. A photographic collection of the images still dwelling in my heart.

Welcome to my smultronställe, the sentimental journey of my erratic soul.

4 responses to “About this blog

  1. OMG, I love this blog and all the amazing pictures… But I never guessed you were behind all this, Ricky! Keep up the good work, dear friend. Love from Linköping

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